Peace. Love. Courage. Hope.

IMG-2279I was out walking today… doing what I could to practice self care in the midst of helicopters circling overhead, sirens on a regular basis and protesters up and down the streets. I came across some graffiti (more like intentional artwork) with a very positive vibe!😊❤️☮️

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Welcome to my next step


Hello and welcome to my next step…

About a year ago, I started out on a path to publish a small journal. Combining countless notes, ideas and conversations in one place. I’m very happy to say I published my journal in February of 2020. For me, it’s always what’s next – what can I do to further pursue my mission of making a positive impact in the world?!

Well… I’ve decided to post videos to my YouTube Channel. A channel I started over three years ago, and only recently had a clear vision of what to share that I felt would be of value to others. And the courage – most importantly the courage, to face my fears and commit to sharing on a regular basis. Knowing that every video won’t be perfect, but trusting that all the videos will be exactly what they’re supposed to be, at that moment, for just the right people.

Getting in front of others, being real and honestly sharing, won’t always feel easy… But, I know it’s what I’m supposed to do, so here I go! My background and past experiences have provided plenty of opportunities for learning and growing from which I can offer valuable guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration. While also fulfilling my mission of making a positive impact in the world.

What can you expect on my channel?

A regular show reviewing my published Journal, Self Care Conversations On The Path – available on Amazon in Paperback in eBook versions.

Sharing my recent blogs on self care related topics.

Daily life (the ups and downs of daily life) as I continually practice creating my best lifestyle focused on self care. While walking, hiking, traveling, eating healthy and always being mindful of my overall health and well-being.

We’ll also connect with others, for added value, to the self care topic that’s currently on my mind. Because I figure, if I’m interested in learning more on a specific self care topic, than others are interested too. And I know, from my past experiences, that connecting with others to get guidance and help can lead to priceless support, and sometimes, necessary encouragement and inspiration.

Many times the next steps to reach our desired result, goal or dream become clear by having, what I call – Self Care Conversations.

Are you ready for conversations worth having?

Conversations based on self care – more specifically, creating your best lifestyle focused on self care. If so, I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share with whoever comes to mind.

How will you create your best lifestyle? Focus on self care? And make a positive impact in the world? There is no better time than now to think about this and take action steps towards supporting, encouraging and inspiring yourself and others. 🙂

You are worth self care conversations!

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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Even Introverts Need Connection


Even an introvert like me needs connection.

During what has proven to be a very stressful time, with everything that’s currently going on in the world related to the pandemic, I’ve done everything I can to practice self care.

Today I connected with nature, and back to myself. It was a good feeling, since I’ve felt a bit lost and disconnected lately. Getting outside in nature is one of my favorite places to practice self care. I listened to the birds chirping – I saw flowers blooming and a budding branch canopy above me – I smelled the damp earth beneath my feet – I leaned into a tree and hugged it long and hard, getting as close as I could, and thoroughly enjoying the connection – I laid on the grass, looking up at the branches swaying in the breeze, and watched the clouds as they rolled by… effectively grounded myself.

To all you extroverts out there, I can only imagine how you’re feeling. Hang in there! I hear more businesses will be safely opening very soon. Providing you the opportunity to get out and connect with others in person while establishing new social distancing procedures after staying-at-home.

I encourage you to do everything you can to practice self care on a regular basis – it’s more important than ever! Get outside in nature, meditate, breathe deeply, practice yoga, watch a funny movie, read a good book, cook a healthy meal. Find enjoyable activities that relax you and create new routines that promote a self care lifestyle. One you can sustain when things go back to normal. Although, I’m thinking that going back to normal will be a process of creating a new normal. I recommend looking at this time as a chance to create a new, and perhaps better, foundation that puts self care first.

When we think of self care, we need to think of ourselves first. This is not selfish; it is necessary and it is our responsibility to build a firm foundation in which to live, interact and work. Being our best for ourselves has to be first so we can then be our best for our family, friends, community and world.

My goal in sharing is always to support and encourage others. If you found this blog helpful, please share. Let’s focus on doing what we can to support each other during a challenging time.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle


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Practice self care as much as possible


In my last blog, I mentioned that with everything going on in the world, I’ve felt loss – the loss of not having plans and feeling on hold to make plans. This is hitting me today, as I think about Mother’s Day, and knowing I won’t physically see both my kids, which makes me feel sad. I’ll be the first to admit this is not a big problem, and that physically seeing both of my kids doesn’t always happen on Mother’s Day anyway, since they’re both grown. I think what’s making me feel most sad, is knowing I can’t make the necessary travel plans, with the stay-at-home orders still in place.

Are you experiencing any loss or sadness from not having plans and feeling on hold to make plans? Maybe it’s your regular weekly routines and activities, like going to the gym, church, shopping and meeting family or friends for a meal?… Maybe it’s a bigger event, such as a graduation, wedding or the birth of a baby?… Maybe it’s a concert, holiday or airline travel to your next big adventure?…

It’s okay to feel loss and sadness for missed opportunities, delayed plans and cancelled events. As well as stress over thinking about when you’ll have the chance to make plans, commit to meeting people, or schedule that next big travel adventure.

In addition, for many people, there is a great deal of uncertainly that comes with not having plans and not being able to make plans. Not having our normal schedules that we count on to keep us on track. On track to accomplish daily responsibilities, meet deadlines and reach goals. Along with uncertainty, people can experience lack of energy, direction and purpose, because life isn’t looking or feeling like it used to or how they want it to. Then comes fear of the unknown, what’s next in the process and how will I adjust to the new normal?! It can all feel a bit too much at times, and has for me.

I encourage you to practice self care as much as possible. There is no better time than now! Breathe… Pay attention to how you feel – don’t disregard your feelings and also don’t take them too seriously. If you need support, reach out and get it. There are many caring family members, friends and organizations prepared and ready to help. It might surprise you that others feel similar. Too often when we feel loss, sadness and stress, we feel alone, and we shouldn’t!

Know for sure that many times the changes that come from challenges are also accompanied by new possibilities, exciting opportunities and unimaginable silver linings.

My goal in sharing is always to support and encourage others. If you found this blog helpful, please share. Let’s focus on doing what we can to support each other during a challenging time.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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When I can’t change my path…


I have been thinking a lot about what’s currently going on in the world – the path we’re currently on. Along with finding distractions to escape it – hoping my perspective will change. Distractions that, for the most part, take me out of the present moment.

Distractions like endlessly scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds and watching movies on television. Although these activities have led to some valuable information, the feeling of connection and sometimes comfort in a challenging time. These activities have often added to my stress level and feelings of sadness from not being able to easily connect to family and friends. I have definitely struggled to find balance with these activities, especially over the past month. During a world-wide pandemic, quarantines, stay-at-home orders, social distancing and required face masks, it’s been very challenging!

Over the past month I’ve felt anxious, stressed, frustrated, sad, mentally scattered, physically exhausted and emotionally out of sorts – like I’m on a roller coaster, and I do not like roller coasters! I’ve also felt loss. The loss of not having plans and feeling on hold to make plans. Sometimes I’ve felt like I should be somewhere else, doing something different, doing more or doing less.

I have also experienced feelings of optimism, peace, relaxation and happiness. These feelings have not been automatic. They have been a result of intentional thought or focused positive energy in the present moment.

Many times I’ve thought why am I feeling so stressed about what’s going on? I would usually consider myself to be a fairly calm and relaxed person. An obvious answer, and the one I keep coming back to is, we are dealing with a challenge that has never happened before. Then, I think of the numerous challenges I’ve faced in my life, and how I had never encountered them before. So, maybe what I am really feeling is a collective feeling of stress in the world?

In the past, I’ve been successful at solving problems, finding solutions to obstacles and persevering through challenges. Usually learning and growing from the experience.

I have no doubt that we will get through our current challenge together. One day and one step at a time. As a family, community, city and country. Each doing our part, taking personal responsibility for ourselves and realizing how we can affect others. We are all very powerful human beings with the ability to influence and impact each other. What we choose will expand in our life and then collectively to those around us. Intentionally focusing on this way of thinking and being over the last few days has helped me a lot, and I am certain others too.

I encourage you to practice being present, choose to remain positive, trust in the process and focus on self care. Find activities that bring you joy and peace, and then regularly take action on them. These could even be activities like social media. As long as you can find a good balance. I’m still finding mine.

My goal in sharing is always to support and encourage others, so if you found this blog helpful, please share. Let’s focus on doing what we can to support and encourage each other during this challenging time.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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More about the last two weeks…

In the last two weeks my life hasn’t changed as much as others. With a stay-at-home order in place for the state of Colorado, that means many are working from home. Restaurants are closed (some are still available for take-out), bars are closed, and most retail stores are closed.

As an airline employee, I am considered an essential worker, so I am still going to work as normal. That said, work has been anything but normal!

In a matter of just a few weeks, normally busy train platforms, restaurants, stores, gate areas and security check points are strangely empty.

To our passengers, We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. For now, please stay at home, safe and healthy. If you have an emergency and need to travel, we are here for you and will always connect you to what’s important in your lives.

In the meantime, when you do leave your homes to do essential activities – practice social distancing, be kind to one another, only buy what you need, shop small businesses whenever possible and order take-out from your favorite restaurants if they’re offering it.

We will get through this together.

Laura Li Lifestyle

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In two weeks…


In two weeks… A lot has changed!

For starters, I moved from an apartment home I lived in for almost three years. A home I loved and that worked well for my family and I. The move was by choice, but still moving is a lot of work, requires time and energy to plan, and is still change. And even good change can be challenging. Prior to our move, the virus was in the news, but the full impact had not been felt yet, and still hasn’t. There were funny posts on social media about stores running out of toilet paper and other essential items, but nothing was closed down yet, and there were no stay-at-home orders.

The location I moved to is in a very busy and vibrant downtown area with many different businesses, retail shops, restaurants, bars and a movie theater. Shortly after the move, all restaurants, bars and retail stores were ordered to close to slow the spread of the virus. Then came the stay-at-home order. Now, the normally very busy and vibrant downtown area is strangely quiet!

To create a sense of comfort and safety in my new home, I worked very hard to get everything unpacked, organized and in its place. That included hanging prayer flags. Putting up two small Christmas trees that are always up and decorated (that’s a different story and blog). And organizing my favorite rocks and nature items. Doing these activities helped me in establishing the feeling of comfort and safety I desperately needed in the midst of change and the challenges of moving. In addition, organizing my favorite rocks and nature items, was incredibly meditative and therapeutic.

Can you relate to the necessity of creating the feeling of comfort and safety in the midst of change and life transitions that can cause stress and anxiety?

There is no better time than now to think about what activities you do to create the feeling of comfort and safety in your home. The answers are ways you practice self care.

Join me for conversations like this here and on my Facebook pages. You can find those links on my About Page.

I look forward to staying connected, sharing, supporting and encouraging each other. You are worth a self care conversation!

Laura Li Lifestyle

P.S. It’s nice to be back. Meaning, I haven’t written a blog in months! I have been busy working on a project which was all consuming. I published a Journal, which I am happy to say, is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and eBook versions. The link to learn more about and purchase is on my Journal Page.

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