Day 6/30 Video & Blog Challenge!

Hi everyone! Today is day 6 of a 30 day video and blog challenge I’m doing! The purpose for the challenge is to inspire myself and others in the process 😀

My passion is inspiring self care and I’ve learned that when I focus on my own self care first is when I can best serve, empower, encourage, and be an inspiration to others! Today is a beautiful day in Colorado where I live and I’m headed out to take a long hike with a good friend. Hiking is the best form of self care for me! The reason is that it hits my physical health (movement), mental health (connection with others), emotional health (connection to nature), and spiritual health (ALL of the before mentioned)!!! 😀

Today I encourage you to think about what self care means to you and what form of self care works best for you? Is there one thing, like for me, that really can address all areas of health and well being for you?!?…

Thank you for joining me today and for your support during this process. If you feel that you’re getting any value from my messages, or see the potential of value… Ha! 😀 I’d appreciate you sharing my information as I grow myself and my brand of Always Irresistible Self Care Inspiration!

Until next time, be well and have an irresistible day!

Laura Li

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

Hi there, my name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle I’m focused on self care and self love from the inside out while creating my best lifestyle. In the process being vulnerable and authentically sharing to connect, support, guide, and inspire everyone on the path of my life adventure. Thank you for joining me here! :)
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