Day 15/30 Video & Blog Challenge!

Hey everyone! Wow!!! Today is 15 in my 30 day video and blog challenge! I’ve made 15 videos (most of them on Periscope), I’ve posted them all to Facebook (although I might like to forget about some of them…), I’ve written and published 15 blog posts, and as of last night I was able to attach images and video links that actually work to my blog! Yeah!!! I shared it all on Facebook last night, so go and check it out!

Thank you so much for your support, your shares, and your comments during my 30 day video and blog challenge. I really appreciate it and you!

Just as a reminder, as I’ve had to remind myself (ha-ha!!), the reason I’m doing this challenge is to grow myself and my self care brand of inspiration. Not only to myself, but to everyone else in the process! And it’s definitely been a learning and growing process for me; that’s for sure!! 😀

The idea of doing a 30 day video challenge first came last year and has come many times since! I decided to include a blog at the same time because I knew it would help me to write down what I wanted to say first in order to formulate my ideas and create some self confidence before I pressed start broadcast! The reason I’ve done most of the videos on Periscope is because the tweak and redo factor on a regular video would have been crazy with my sometimes perfectionistic way of doing things! Ha 😀

Today on day 15, I’d like to encourage you to think about who inspires you? Is it many people at a conference you go to, a friend, a colleague, a motivational speaker?

I’m happy to say that I have many people in my life that encourage me on a daily basis! Friends, colleagues, and motivational speakers! And I’m thankful to all them!!! With the magic of social media we all have so many wonderfully positive people with awesome teachings and inspirational messages at our finger tips 24 hours a day!!! For example I’m listening to Sell or be Sold in my car now and reading The 10X Rule. Both by Grant Cardone and both very inspirational to me! Check them out!!

Again, thank you for following me, your support, shares, and comments during my 30 day video and blog challenge! Until tomorrow, be well and have an irresistible day!

Laura Li

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of being vulnerable, authentically sharing, and providing opportunities and spaces for deeper connection with ourselves and others for learning, growing, and healing. Through my background and many life experiences I’ve learned a lot about overcoming obstacles, moving through major life transitions, and discovering a lifestyle that works well for me on the path of my life adventure. Utilizing all I’ve learned to guide, support, and encourage others on their life path.
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