Day 17/30 Video & Blog Challenge!

Wow! Today is day 17 in my 30 day video and blog challenge and I feel lucky!! The timing is right to add that in since it’s St. Patrick’s Day today! My name is Laura Li and my passion is inspiring greatness; in myself and everyone in my path!! Thank you so much for your support, your shares, and your comments during my 30 day video and blog challenge. I really appreciate them and you too! 😀

Today I’m going to play the What If Game with you that I learned from my friend Lauren. it goes something like this…

What if you had no fear of what others thought of you and no attachment to the outcome of what you said or offered to people?!!…

And what if because of that you were able to share your greatness and all of what you’re most excited about with anyone and everyone!!!…

And what if because of that anyone and everyone had a better night sleep, more energy and clarity during the day, and an overall good mood too!! Good right!?!!!…

And then what if because of all that thought you were able to reach, connect, and serve more people!!! Super great, right!?!!!!! 😀

And what if because of that you created an abundance of financial and time freedom, not only for you, but anyone and everyone!!! 

And then what if because of all that you were travel the world and write the book that you’ve been thinking and thinking about!…

And then what if because you wrote the book you were invited to be on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah?!!…

And what if when you got to the set you were able to meet Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown!?…

And what if because of that meeting you were able to share ideas with them (Oprah, Elizabeth, and Brene), and come together on a BIG IDEA to help empower women all over the world to step into their greatness!!!!

And what if because of that your were part of providing education to women in areas where that doesn’t happen on a regular basis?!!!…

And well…  I think you get the idea, right?!!!!!…

Today I encourage you to play the What If Game. Make it your own and something that’s meaningful to you; that will get you moving towards your goals, dreams, and greatness;  and light a fire under your butt! 🙂

Again, thank you for following me, your support, shares, and comments during my 30 day video and blog challenge! Until tomorrow, be well and have an irresistible day!

Laura Li

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of being vulnerable, authentically sharing, and providing opportunities and spaces for deeper connection with ourselves and others for learning, growing, and healing. Through my background and many life experiences I’ve learned a lot about overcoming obstacles, moving through major life transitions, and discovering a lifestyle that works well for me on the path of my life adventure. Utilizing all I’ve learned to guide, support, and encourage others on their life path.
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