Day 18/30 Video & Blog Challenge!

Hi there! It’s Laura Li and today is day 18 in my video and blog challenge! My passion is self care inspiration! Inspiration for me and everyone in my path! Because I think we all know by now that when we’re best taking care of ourselves we can best take care of, give to, and serve others!! One form of self care is going with the flow of life which creates calm verses not going with the flow of life which creates stress! I’d rather create calm! 😀

In order to make my point today I’ll share an example from my own life that you might be able to relate to!?!… So, I’ve been working for awhile on putting an opportunity in place for myself… Meaning numerous phone calls, emails, preparing notes, organizing promotional materials, gathering my thoughts, and planning, and more planning!!!! And then the opportunity happened, but not exactly how I planned it.

It’s important to add that ALL of my efforts were good for creating self confidence, another form of self care, and putting together valuable materials and information that I’ll use going forward A LOT!!! So, NOT a waste of time and energy at all!!!

So, after the opportunity didn’t happen exactly how I planned it, I had the option to pick frustration and disappointment OR it went the way it was supposed to and how can I use it to best benefit my big goals and dreams?… I decided to think the opportunity went the way it was supposed to and go with the flow of life! 

Today I encourage you to think of something in your life that might be calling you to go with the flow of life verses not. And then think how making that decision would create calm and self care for you!?!!… By the way, this does NOT mean stop going for and doing everything you can to reach your goals and dreams. To me what it means is being intentional about your goals and dreams and then going with the flow of life on the way towards them. 🙂

Thank you so much for your support, your shares, and your comments during my 30 day video and blog challenge. I really appreciate them and you too! Until I see you tomorrow, be well and have an irresistible day!! 😀

Laura Li

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of being vulnerable, authentically sharing, and providing opportunities and spaces for deeper connection with ourselves and others for learning, growing, and healing. Through my background and many life experiences I’ve learned a lot about overcoming obstacles, moving through major life transitions, and discovering a lifestyle that works well for me on the path of my life adventure. Utilizing all I’ve learned to guide, support, and encourage others on their life path.
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