Day 22/30 Video & Blog Challenge!

Hello and welcome to day 22 of my 30 day video and blog challenge in windy Colorado! I feel like I’m running from one thing to the next and am choosing to walk and breath deeply on my way to my next… I encourage you to do the same and think about doing this on a regular basis as a form of self care. You know you can be your best for you and others in your path of life when you practice self care.

Enjoy the silence, deep breathing, and walking with me! 🙂

Thank you for your love, support, follows, and shares during my 30 day video and blog challenge. Until next time, be well and have an irresistible day!

Laura Li

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

Hi there, my name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle I’m focused on self care and self love from the inside out while creating my best lifestyle. In the process being vulnerable and authentically sharing to connect, support, guide, and inspire everyone on the path of my life adventure. Thank you for joining me here! :)
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