What do you do to support your mind and body on a daily basis?…

In the last few months I’ve experienced a lot of pretty big changes and with that some stress. I’ve done my best to take care of myself, knowing that if I don’t stay healthy I won’t be any good for me, my family, friends, or community. And I won’t have a chance of reaching the big goals and dreams I have daily and for the future. So, I’ve been extra mindful about doing what I can in the midst of change and stress to do everything possible to support my mind and body on a daily basis!

What I’ve found works best for me is becoming aware of and then focusing on what fuels my body and feeds my soul filling me up emotionally. This isn’t always easy, but I’ve done my best to inspire myself on a daily basis to create a self care lifestyle that works well for me. Creating a self care lifestyle that works for me is not only good for me, but my family, friends, and community too. I think we continually underestimate our value and the power we have to inspire those around us by our thoughts and actions. Are you with me?!…

I think we all know that eating healthy foods is a good thing to do for our mind and body. When we’re experiencing stress it’s especially important, but not always easy since stress is often caused by being busy and not necessarily having the time needed to focus on or prepare healthy foods. I usually end up spending a bit more money on food by buying ready made healthy snacks and meals.

Another important factor for me is getting the necessary rest and sleep needed for my body. This includes turning off electronics and quieting my mind before I get into bed. I’ll admit this is a constant struggle for me and something I continually work on. Thinking, if I could just get one more thing done today!!…

Finally, and super important for me, is getting outside! Breathing fresh air, hiking, and enjoying nature. Below is a picture of some beautiful nature I experienced a few days ago. Even now, just looking at the picture, it fuels my body and feeds my soul filling me up emotionally!  🙂

I encourage you to think about what fuels your body and feeds your soul filling you up emotionally?… What do you do to support your mind and body on a daily basis?…

Until we meet again, be well and have an irresistible day.

Laura Li Lifestyle


About Laura Li Lifestyle

Are you ready for conversations worth having? Conversations based on creating your best lifestyle focused on self care. I invite you to follow me and share. I am a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of honest sharing and being authentic to provide a deeper connection to myself and others for learning, growing and healing. My background and past experiences have provided plenty of opportunities from which I can offer valuable guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration - fulfilling my mission of making a positive impact in the world. I am the creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle, a unique support group offering opportunities for intentional focus on self care topics and practices specifically designed for people looking for, or lost in change and transition. Many times the next steps to reach our desired result, goal or dream become clear by having what I call - self care conversations. Thank you for joining me!
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