Energy and Optimism is Contagious!

So, this is the Deal-E-O of what happened today…….

I emphasized “E” for energy and “O” for optimism! 

Today started with a great meeting filled with positive energy! My kind of meeting!! Then lunch and some phone calls. One of my phone calls was over an hour and as I waited on hold, went from one person to another, and got sent back to the original message in the sequence, I found myself getting tired and frustrated!!! Then to a friendly women, when I felt anything but friendly, who seemed to help resolve all my issues?!!… By the end of the call I thanked her for her time and putting up with my obvious frustration. She was nice and said my frustration was understandable, making me right (good customer service), and told me to have a nice afternoon.

After I hung up I decided to get outside for some fresh air and an attitude adjustment. Just before I left there was a knock on the door and it was the UPS guy. I was excited to see him and the package he had for me that I had been waiting for. He was also excited to be delivering the package of which he had an idea what was in it because of the name on the box. He also noticed the smell of essential oils brewing in my diffuser when I opened the door. More essential oil products were in the box! He then proceeded to give me one of his favorite recipes to brew in the diffuser. He said it helps his energy during the day and then ended with… “you know our energy can effect others energy.” I agreed, thanked him for the package, and put my hand up for a high five. He was excited to high five back and then he was on his way!

Both the women on the phone and the UPS guy were a reminder for me today of how our energy CAN effect others energy and how Energy and optimism IS contagious! It’s not only contagious, but essential to practice for a self care lifestyle! 

Until our next self care conversation, be well and have an irresistible day! 🙂 2641

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m the Creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle. Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle through daily life adventures.
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