Move even though the path isn’t clear!

I recently found myself at the trail head of a place I’ve wanted to hike for years. And I think there was a reason for the timing as there has been so many times in my life when I’m paying attention.

I’ve experienced a lot of big changes recently and some I’m still in the process of absorbing. Downsizing a house and moving from a community of 23 years, transitioning out of a business I owned and operated for 18 years, and creating a new business and way of living.

At the location I knew was the trail-head I started walking. After only a few steps the path became very unclear. In fact, I found it hard to see at all! I paused for a moment and then started to walk without hesitation, one step at a time, trusting the path would become clearer as I walked. The pictures are below. Top is the trail head. Bottom is after taking a few steps.

After walking awhile I understood the similarity of the path and where I was in my life. I thought about how many times I’ve trusted and known without hesitation I was on the right path. Taking the necessary steps to reach a destination, goal, or dream. I’m currently in a place where I feel a bit lost and unsure how and where to move. The freedom I have feels both exciting and challenging all at the same time! However, after my hike I’d say without hesitation that the only way to reach what’s next is to move even though the path isn’t clear! 

Moving and then redirecting along the way to reach all of what’s next. Moving in both the exciting and challenging times. Moving in the direction of creating my best lifestyle while inspiring others to do the same. 🙂

My name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle I’m focused on self care while creating my best lifestyle. Thank you for saying yes and joining me here.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle



About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m the Creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle. Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle through daily life adventures.
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