Enjoy the Gift of the Present! :)

The story about the 2 Christmas trees began about 16 years ago when my now 18 year old son was about 2 and asked if we could leave the tree up until his Birthday at the end of February so the kids coming to the party could put his Birthday presents under the tree. I loved my son, our artificial tree, and all the ornaments, so I said yes and this became our tradition for many years. We’d put the tree up just before Thanksgiving and take it down at the end of February. After the Birthday party of course! The kids loved it; however, there where times that guests to our home would make a comment about the tree. Basically wondering why we still had it up. Well, we did…

After many years of what became our tradition, we moved into a new tradition of keeping the tree up all year long! As my son grew up, no longer having Birthday parties where kids brought presents, it was never a consideration to take the tree down. It was simply our tradition and became a very normal part of our home that we loved.

This is a good spot to add in that our tradition of keeping the tree up all year long took a lot of stress out of the holiday season. Because as anyone who has put up and taken down a tree knows, it’s a lot of work!! And our tradition helped us enjoy the gift of the present during the holiday season too! šŸ™‚

The tree was filled with so many memories! Ornaments from many years past, hand crafted ornaments, and newer ones as the years went by. It wasn’t until we prepared and staged our home to sell earlier this year that we finally took the tree down, which was surprisingly anti-climatic. I did find it nice that my son who had asked so many years ago to keep the tree up for his Birthday party was there to help me take it down.

Now the tree, our tree, is happily at another home along with many of the ornaments. My favorite ornaments are on the 2 small trees pictured below which are now displayed in our new apartment home. And yes, they’ll both be displayed all year long, because that’s our tradition! šŸ™‚

Enjoy the holiday season, your tree(s), and whatever unique traditions you have! Comment and share to let me know what your unique traditions are.

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