I was determined to give it a try!

In the process of being vulnerable and authentically sharing all my gifts, I was hit hard with back to back illnesses that really kept me down, exhausted, and not having clear focus! And even though I wasn’t thinking of illness, exhaustion, and not having clear focus as gifts… they are. As I dealt with only being able to accomplish simple tasks each day, I knew my experience could inspire others. So, sharing to support and inspire is a must!

Since I’m also in the process of creating my best lifestyle, I thought one way to handle illness, exhaustion, and not having clear focus would be to slow down. NOT push myself to accomplish all I had planned. NOT push myself to the point of further illness and exhaustion. NOT put myself in the position of feeling I wasn’t enough! What would that look like and could I successfully do it?!?… Accept myself where I was while practicing self care and self love to the degree needed to really get better would be different than what I was used to doing… I was used to sort of practicing while pushing myself to accomplish what needed to be done (even if it really didn’t need to be done…). And in sort of practicing it would take me longer to get better or I’d end up getting sick again. Can anyone relate?!?…

I was determined to give it a try!

Practicing self acceptance of the physical and mental limitations I had… Practicing self care by resting and giving my body the right nutrients to get better… and Practicing self love by believing I was doing my best and I was enough under the circumstances!

Have you considered practicing self acceptance, self care, and self love when faced with the gifts of illness, exhaustion, and not having clear focus?!… If you have considered, how have you practiced??!… I’d love to hear from you and see your comments to help, support, and inspire everyone! 🙂

Laura Li Lifestyle


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About Laura Li Lifestyle

Are you ready for conversations worth having? Conversations based on creating your best lifestyle focused on self care. I invite you to follow me and share. I am a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of honest sharing and being authentic to provide a deeper connection to myself and others for learning, growing and healing. My background and past experiences have provided plenty of opportunities from which I can offer valuable guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration - fulfilling my mission of making a positive impact in the world. I am the creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle, a unique support group offering opportunities for intentional focus on self care topics and practices specifically designed for people looking for, or lost in change and transition. Many times the next steps to reach our desired result, goal or dream become clear by having what I call - self care conversations. Thank you for joining me!
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