I encourage you to continue on your life path!

pathOn a recent walk I noticed many similarities to the walking path and my life path. So here I am sharing, because that’s what I do. I share to connect, support, and inspire everyone on the adventure of my life path! 🙂

The collection of images from my recent adventure include…

A decision to go left or right… Going right seemed to be clearer, but I wasn’t sure what was ahead on the path?! A bridge that could bring me to another part of the path… A decision to stay on the current path or switch?!… Which way would lead me to my goals and dreams?!? There were many sections where I had to walk through mud and cross over ice. There were also dry sections, uphill, downhill, and flat sections. Locations for getting rid of unwanted trash accumulated on the path. Opportunities to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery. A bench to take a break allowing time for reflection, recharging, and creation. Warning signs needing attention… Covering things to be aware of, cautious of, and how to handle obstacles on the path. And finally, a tree stump with a lot of rings reminding me that the path of life is a process filled with many adventures!!

Think about the life path you’re on… Is it the one that will lead you to your goals and dreams?! Do you currently have obstacles in your way? Trash to get rid of? Is stopping to reflect, recharge, enjoy, and create necessary?! Offering a reminder that the many adventures in life include ups, downs, easy and hard times…

I encourage you to continue on your life path!

My name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle, I’m focused on self care and self love, while creating my best lifestyle. In the process serving, supporting, guiding, and inspiring everyone. Say Yes to joining me for the adventure!

Laura Li Lifestyle

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m the Creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle. Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle through daily life adventures.
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