Spending time in nature is The Best!!


For the past 2 weeks my Lifestyle Inspiration has been sharing a process I’ve been going through as part of a program I started in January called A Radical Shift. My final project is a script that describes, affirms, and projects my essential life. Asking what would all parts of my life look like and feel like when I’m aligned with my essential self? This has been a life changing and extremely creative process that has included countless hours of formulating just the right sentences that are meaningful and clearly state my essential life intentions. Today I’m sharing the part on my health. Read my last 2 regular blogs to get in the loop and enjoy my beautiful Earth Day blog in the process! 🙂

I have excellent physical and mental health by making self care and self love a priority! I eat healthy foods, continue to learn and grow, spend as much time as possible in nature, live in the present moment, practice optimism and mindfulness, incorporate movement, and celebrate all that life has to offer me on a daily basis with gratitude!

Spending time in nature is The Best!!

Today I encourage you to think about both your physical and mental health. Are they where you’d like them to be? Have you connected them to self care and self love? And what tweaks, changes, and/or improvements would you like to make?

My name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle, I’m focused on self care and self love, while creating my best lifestyle. In the process I’m being called to get vulnerable and authentically share to connect, support, and inspire everyone on the path of my life adventure. Thanks for saying yes to join me!

Laura Li Lifestyle

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m the Creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle. Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle through daily life adventures.
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