Recognizing All The Unique & Beautiful Markings I Have


It’s NO surprise that I’ve been inspired by nature recently. After about a year and a half of some big life changes including selling and downsizing a house and moving from a community of 23 years to an apartment, making the decision to close a business of 18 years, and having one son start college and the other graduate and relocate out of state. ALL natural and good changes, but still changes! For many years nature has been a place for me to both relax and recharge, connect with the universal God and myself, get out of my head and into the present moment, and keep my physical body in good shape.

What I’ve been particularly fascinated with and inspired by recently is tree stumps. Recognizing all their unique and beautiful markings. I can’t help thinking about each of their stories and how they got their unique and beautiful markings?!

Then thinking about my life and what my tree stump would look like after all the changes I’ve been through. Along with all the adversity and challenges as well as achievements and triumphs. Recognizing all the unique and beautiful markings I have. The visible, the invisible, the ones I like, and the ones I do not like!

Then thinking about the new path I stepped into this year of practicing self love by embracing and loving all of me and my many gifts. Gifts including adversity and challenges as well and achievements and triumphs. And following my purpose and commitment to get vulnerable and authentically share all my gifts as a way to connect, support, encourage, and inspire everyone on my path. 

What are your unique and beautiful markings? Are you embracing and loving all of them? Or attempting to hide some? I encourage you to think about practicing self love by recognizing all your unique and beautiful markings. 🙂

My name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle I’m focused on self care and self love while creating my best lifestyle. Thanks for saying yes and joining me here!

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

My mission is to make a positive impact in the world by guiding, supporting, encouraging and inspiring others to create their best lifestyle focused on self care. You are worth a self care conversation!
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