More Presence & Less Presents


What would your holiday season look like and feel like with more presence and less presents?

Over the years my family has moved away from presents (buying and exchanging gifts) to presence (enjoying the time we have together). What that looks like to us is more quality time together with less distractions. And what it feels like is more relaxing and peaceful.

This is a lifestyle choice coming from someone who owned a clothing and accessory boutique for almost 20 years. And who was very thankful for the many customers who bought gifts from me. All too often though I’d see the stress and feel the pressure they were experiencing from buying off a list of family, friends, and co-works. Buying gifts more from a place of obligation than from the heart.

This is a lifestyle choice coming from someone who participated in buying gifts for many holiday seasons for family, friends, and co-workers.

This is a lifestyle choice coming from someone who has received countless nice and very thoughtful gifts from others over the years. Some I still enjoy and use often. Many I didn’t need and they’re now on a shelf in a closet. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to re-gift them to the right person at the right time in the future if I ever decide to say yes to a holiday gift exchange again.

This is a lifestyle choice that can be misunderstood as not caring by being uninterested in attending and participating in gift exchanges with family, friends, and co-workers.

This is a lifestyle choice that brings with it more time, energy, peace, presence, and money. Money to spend on the necessary for myself, my family, and others in need. This holiday season I’m looking forward to quality time with family and friends, good food, and getting outside in nature for a long hike. 🙂

What choices will you make to create your best lifestyle?

My name is Laura Li. Through my business and personal brand Laura Li Lifestyle I’m focused on self care while creating my best lifestyle. Thank you for joining me here.

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Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

I’m a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of being authentic and honestly sharing while providing opportunities for deeper connection with ourselves and others for learning, growing, and healing.
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