Today at the register


This is what happened today at the register…

I work at a natural grocery store as a cashier. The story I’ll share with you happened just as the store opened today. The computer was running slow and I had a customer having a hard time getting her credit card to go through. She kindly decided to put her items aside and get cash from the ATM in the store to pay letting the customer behind her go ahead. There were 2 other customers in line at this point. I then helped the customer that the customer having credit card issues let go in front of them. By the time I had finished helping that customer the customer with the credit card issues had cash and was ready to pay, but had walked to the end of the line. I had a decision to make and made it quickly to wave them up to the front because they were originally first in line. Why should they have to wait in line again?! This decision did not make the customer who would have been next happy at all and they made sure I knew that. I nicely said I was one person doing the best I could. The customer with the credit card issues came to my defense repeating, she’s doing the best she can. The frustrated customer then advised me to stop the chit chat and hurry up! I proceeded to check out the customer with the credit card issues, paying with cash now, and then rang up the frustrated customer telling them I was sorry for the inconvenience and to have a nice day. I really do hope they had a nice day. After the frustrated customer walked away I started helping the next customers in line who both agreed I handled the situation well and they were surprised how calm I seemed.

The purpose in sharing what happened today at the register is to remind everyone, including myself when I might be rushed because I didn’t leave time for waiting in a line, that being frustrated or calm is a choice and makes a difference in your day and others.

I continue to be amazed the power a simple smile and hello can have on people at the register. And I’ll believe that action of customer service, along with my brief chit chat, has the power to make a positive impact on the customers in front of me along with all the other people that customer interacts with during their day.

I encourage you to experiment with a simple smile and hello with the people you come in contact with today and see the positive impact you can make! 🙂

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

About Laura Li Lifestyle

Are you ready for conversations worth having? Conversations based on creating your best lifestyle focused on self care. I invite you to follow me and share. I am a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of honest sharing and being authentic to provide a deeper connection to myself and others for learning, growing and healing. My background and past experiences have provided plenty of opportunities from which I can offer valuable guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration - fulfilling my mission of making a positive impact in the world. I am the creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle, a unique support group offering opportunities for intentional focus on self care topics and practices specifically designed for people looking for, or lost in change and transition. Many times the next steps to reach our desired result, goal or dream become clear by having what I call - self care conversations. Thank you for joining me!
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