It’s Your Year!


As I flew into Denver the first day of the new year was ending. It was one of those long landings where the plane seemed to take its time gliding over the land below, the lights of the city were shining brightly, and inside the plane passengers were quiet. I enjoyed sleep most of the flight and the chance to reflect on my first day of the new year full of travel and adventure.

The day started with an early morning alarm, drive to the airport, and boarding a flight to Reno to spend the day with family. Shortly after arriving I was presented with the plan for the day which included indoor rock climbing. Even though I have a fear of heights I said I thought that was a good idea because I wanted to try new things and have new adventures. Facing my fear felt like the right way to start the year. And the feeling of accomplishment when I reached the top of the wall was worth it! 🙂

Next was a sushi lunch which included trying some new foods. Then to the airport to catch a flight back to Denver. At the airport I learned my flight to Denver was full and I’d have to travel through San Jose, California to reach Denver. I responded to the change in plans with a sense of adventure since I’ve never been to San Jose.

How did you start your new year? And what do you want to include in your new year?

I encourage you to start your year by being intentional about what you’d like to include in it. And ask yourself what you want your lifestyle to look like? Remember you can start any day you want. And restart any day too. It’s Your Year and chance to create your best lifestyle!

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle


About Inspiring a Self Care Lifestyle

My mission is to make a positive impact in the world by guiding, supporting, encouraging and inspiring others to create their best lifestyle focused on self care. You are worth a self care conversation!
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