Conversations Worth Having!


I’m excited to say, that I’ve started the process of reviewing my recently published Journal – Self Care Conversations on the Path, on my YouTube Channel.

You can find the review of the Introduction to my Journal already posted on my YouTube Channel. And you can expect to see a review for each of the six sections over the next six weeks.

The Self Care Journal, which is a tool to support you in creating your best lifestyle, is for you if you’re in the process of…

Taking steps towards something new…

Transitioning into another part of your life…

Experiencing challenges in the process and/or feeling lost along the way…

Desiring to connect with your authentic self and connect with others for support…

Realizing the importance of self care…

There is no better time than now to focus on self care.

As we’re in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. With quarantines, stay-at-home orders moving into safer-at-home. Wearing face masks in public. Experiencing loss from postponed plans and being on hold to make new plans. Feeling distracted and not engaged – stressed and anxious. The uncertainty of the present and future.

Along with the incredible opportunity we all have to create a new and better normal for ourselves, our family, friends, community and world.

As you take steps towards your new normal…

Transition into another part of your life…

Experience challenges or feel lost along the way…

Desire to connect with your authentic self or others for support…

Work towards daily self care goals or achieving your big dreams…

I can help – providing valuable guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration to you on your path. Let’s do this together! Review my Self Care Journal and create a new and better normal.

If you’re ready for conversations worth having – conversations based on creating your best lifestyle while focused on self care – then please subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me. 🙂

The Journal is available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook versions.

It would certainly be helpful to have it in either version for this review, since I’ll only be highlighting each of the six sections, and give you the opportunity to benefit in bigger ways with the complete content.

I look forward to staying connected and seeing you for conversations worth having!

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle


About Laura Li Lifestyle

Are you ready for conversations worth having? Conversations based on creating your best lifestyle focused on self care. I invite you to follow me and share. I am a successful entrepreneur who believes in the power of honest sharing and being authentic to provide a deeper connection to myself and others for learning, growing and healing. My background and past experiences have provided plenty of opportunities from which I can offer valuable guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration - fulfilling my mission of making a positive impact in the world. I am the creator of Self Care Conversations by Laura Li Lifestyle, a unique support group offering opportunities for intentional focus on self care topics and practices specifically designed for people looking for, or lost in change and transition. Many times the next steps to reach our desired result, goal or dream become clear by having what I call - self care conversations. Thank you for joining me!
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