Are You Ready For Conversations Worth Having?


By saying Yes to Self Care Conversations, you are saying Yes to You!

When we think of self care, we need to think of ourselves first. This is not selfish; it is necessary and it is our responsibility to build a firm foundation in which to live, interact and work. Being our best for ourselves has to be first so we can then be our best for our family, friends, community and world.

There are many different self care conversations we can have with ourselves and others. The self care conversations we have with ourselves are by far the most important; after all, we must live in our mind and body. And more importantly, what we choose to think about and focus on stays with us, and then moves out to others, expanding as it goes. Choosing to be kind and loving to ourselves and others is important even when we don’t feel like it or others don’t deserve it. These conversations are our choice and it is up to us how we have them and who we have them with.

Connecting with others to share and get support can lead to helpful and sometimes necessary encouragement and inspiration. There is tremendous power in first connecting with yourself and then with others. Creating space for deeper connections, learning, growing and healing. Many times the next steps and essential shifts to reach desired results, goals and dreams become clear by having self care conversations.

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