Join a Self Care Conversations Experience

A Self Care Conversations Experience offers the opportunity to connect with yourself, like minded people interested in personal growth, and one or more featured speakers guiding, sharing, supporting, encouraging, and inspiring on a self care related topic.

Below are some pictures from recent experiences and information for future experiences.


Saturday 8/12 from 10am-12pm

Featured Guest Cynthia Stadd from Eat Empowered

The focus will be…

End Your Food War: Change Your Relationship with Food Before You Change Your Diet

Register HERE

Saturday 9/9 from 10am-1pm

Tuesday 10/10 from 11am-2pm

Saturday 11/11 from 11am-2pm

Tuesday 12/12 from 12pm-2pm


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 ~ Recent feedback from Self Care Conversations Experiences ~

“The 2 hours I spent at Laura Li’s Lunch & Learn Experience were truly the most “eye opening” and inspiring 2 hours I have had in a long time. This is a “not to be missed” talk!! Truly… I feel very blessed to have been involved!!!” – Christy

“Such a wonderful group today working on health, wellness, and solutions.” – Ann

“You are a contributor. Thank you for all you do.” – Faith and Christina

“A truly enjoyable experience! Thank You!” – Lorna

“I left wanting to be a better person and for that I thank you! Please keep doing what you are doing… you are an inspiration.” – Christy

“Thank you for creating the opportunity to come together.” – Kerstin 

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