In two weeks…


In two weeks… A lot has changed!

For starters, I moved from an apartment home I lived in for almost three years. A home I loved and that worked well for my family and I. The move was by choice, but still moving is a lot of work, requires time and energy to plan, and is still change. And even good change can be challenging. Prior to our move, the virus was in the news, but the full impact had not been felt yet, and still hasn’t. There were funny posts on social media about stores running out of toilet paper and other essential items, but nothing was closed down yet, and there were no stay-at-home orders.

The location I moved to is in a very busy and vibrant downtown area with many different businesses, retail shops, restaurants, bars and a movie theater. Shortly after the move, all restaurants, bars and retail stores were ordered to close to slow the spread of the virus. Then came the stay-at-home order. Now, the normally very busy and vibrant downtown area is strangely quiet!

To create a sense of comfort and safety in my new home, I worked very hard to get everything unpacked, organized and in its place. That included hanging prayer flags. Putting up two small Christmas trees that are always up and decorated (that’s a different story and blog). And organizing my favorite rocks and nature items. Doing these activities helped me in establishing the feeling of comfort and safety I desperately needed in the midst of change and the challenges of moving. In addition, organizing my favorite rocks and nature items, was incredibly meditative and therapeutic.

Can you relate to the necessity of creating the feeling of comfort and safety in the midst of change and life transitions that can cause stress and anxiety?

There is no better time than now to think about what activities you do to create the feeling of comfort and safety in your home. The answers are ways you practice self care.

Join me for conversations like this here and on my Facebook pages. You can find those links on my About Page.

I look forward to staying connected, sharing, supporting and encouraging each other. You are worth a self care conversation!

Laura Li Lifestyle

P.S. It’s nice to be back. Meaning, I haven’t written a blog in months! I have been busy working on a project which was all consuming. I published a Journal, which I am happy to say, is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and eBook versions. The link to learn more about and purchase is on my Journal Page.

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Self Care is a Practice


Here I am on the path at the beginning of some much needed self care in the form of a walk in nature. My absolute favorite way and place to practice self care! This walk almost didn’t happen today, and when I say much needed, that means it didn’t happen many days prior to today. I’ve been working on a big project over the past few months focused on self care and the benefits of practicing self care. And in the process, well… I haven’t been following my own advise of practicing self care on a regular basis. I’ve told myself I didn’t have the time when I’ve previously experienced making the time gives me more energy to focus on my project and the goal of completing it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?!

There’s a balance between being focused, working hard, and pushing yourself to reach a goal or dream and taking care of yourself in the process. Taking care of yourself so you can actually enjoy the process and then make it to the goal without getting burnt out, completely exhausted, or sick along the way. Self care has to come first and is the foundation which provides the best energy, focus, and ability to reach goals and dreams. The balance between working towards goals and dreams and taking care of yourself in the process is the practice of self care.

What activities, hobbies, and places are your favorite for practicing self care? I encourage you to think about this and find a balance that works best for you. And then continue to take action steps on your path practicing and discovering what works best for you on a daily and weekly basis for balance through ups and downs and successes and failures. All in the process of working and reaching towards your daily goals and bigger dreams.

I look forward to staying connected and sharing more along my path to encourage and inspire you on your path. 🙂

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle


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I hope this helps someone


The last few days I’ve found myself in a place I’ve been before, many times in fact, and feeling pretty frustrated about it. I’m exhausted and completely worn out physically, mentally, and emotionally unable to do much else than rest and sleep. I’ve been asking myself why am I here again?! And you might be wondering why I would want to share this low point and frustration with you?…

Well, it’s my belief that by being honest and sharing I have the chance to encourage and possibly inspire others. If sharing this helps just one person it’s worth it to me.

Over the past few weeks I made the decision to work extra hours. Under normal circumstances this might have been okay; however, with summer storms and uncertain weather my job has been busier and a bit more stressful than normal. Additionally, I take things very seriously (on a personal level) which can add to the stress.

What I’ve learned again, and I hope for the last time, is to slow down, breathe deeply, and practice self care on a daily basis. Additionally, I need to take care of my responsibilities at work without taking what happens personally. And I need to really pay attention to the amount of hours I choose to work.

Because I would have much rather spent the last few days on a fun adventure, traveling to a new destination, and discovering new things!! 🙂

The self care conversations we have with ourselves are the most important. When we choose self care we are our best for ourselves first, then our family, friends, community, and world. It’s up to each one of us to make choices to create a firm foundation to live in, move in, and work from. I can do it and so can you. And together as we connect and share we have the opportunity to help, support, encourage, and inspire each other to live our best lifestyle focused on self care.

That’s all. I hope this helps someone.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle


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4 Sunsets


On a recent vacation I saw 4 unique and equally beautiful sunsets. I didn’t do much else…

I went prepared to investigate the area I was visiting, take long walks on the beach, and relax at the beach. Instead I found myself unable to do much else than take shorts walks on the beach and move from sitting at the beach to sitting at the pool. The location was perfectly relaxing with the sound of waves on the beach 24 hours a day accompanied by a nice breeze. 🙂

The first afternoon I gave into the need to simply relax. Thinking I’m just tired from an early morning of travel. And thinking I’ll do more tomorrow. I listened to my body which was saying slow down and really relax. Day 2 I went for a walk on the beach and only ended up going about a mile, which for me is not much. I again gave into the need to simply relax by sitting at the beach most of the day and feeling very calm. Day 3 turned out to be a repeat of day 2.

With each day I felt more at peace and perfectly content simply being. I let go of accomplishing long walks and investigating the area I was visiting. Not surprising day 4 and day 5 ended up like the other days up until I had to go to the airport.

Even though my vacation looked different than I initially thought it would, it was just what I needed. Because I listened to my body and what it needed and what it didn’t need. Being on vacation definitely made it easier to react to my body, change my plans according to what my body needed (which was complete relaxation), and what my body really didn’t need (which was to do activities and accomplish things).

What I’ve learned is that listening to my body, being flexible, and possibly changing plans is part of self care. I know I’m no good for anyone if I’m not first taking care of myself.

I encourage you to think about how you can best listen to your body and practice self care today and everyday to be your best for you, your family, friends, community, and world.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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This is work…

I am a Customer Service Agent for Southwest Airlines. Say hi next time you’re on your way through Denver International Airport.

This is work…

Being part of a company with a culture based on the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. Believing that by taking good care of their employees their customers will be well taken care of. Encouraging an atmosphere of fun while helping customers and delivering positively outrageous service. Offering good benefits and amazing travel privileges. Along with endless opportunities for personal and professional growth on a daily basis. AND working with the most loving and supportive co-workers, which are called co-hearts, I’ve ever worked with!

This is work…

Gathering a group of customers in the gate area to celebrate birthdays by singing the happy birthday song. Along with giving away inflight WIFI, drink coupons, reward points, and cool gifts. Welcoming customers as they enter the jet bridge with fun celebration music thanking them for their business. All to showcase Southwest Airlines fun luving attitude.

This is work…

Working shifts that vary in start times from 3:00am to 10:30pm. Waking up as early as 12:30am to get to work on time, leaving as late as 9:00pm to go to work, finishing an 8 hour shift before 12:00 noon, getting home at 2:00am exhausted and unable to sleep until 4:00am, and sometimes working two 8 hour shifts in a row.

This is work…

The chance to create a lifestyle that includes more travel, endless opportunities for exploring and experiencing new destinations, and fulfilling my purpose of making a positive impact in peoples lives. Along with the chance to fully embrace another destination on my path and practice self care along the way.

This is work… and I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

I encourage you to think about the following questions…

What does work look like for you?

How are you creating your best lifestyle?

How are you practicing self care along the way?

I look forward to staying connected. Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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This is a Self Care Conversation


After working 10 days in a row I needed some self care today! For me that meant sleeping in, relaxing, being quiet, and getting outside in nature. 🙂

Along my path I’ve learned that when I’m taking care of myself on a daily basis I am my best for myself, my family, friends, community, and job. To me that means emotional, mental, and physical well being. My job requires me to be physically strong, friendly and conversational, and utilize mental energy almost nonstop. And although I love what I’m doing and these qualities mostly come naturally to me the work can be challenging and exhausting at times. It’s important for me to believe in what I do, trust I’m making a positive impact, and creating my best lifestyle. I’m fortunate to work for an amazing company with a truly loving and supportive culture. Both of which are not only helpful, but important to me in the process of creating my best lifestyle focused on self care.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I believe by sharing we have the opportunity to inspire, encourage, and support each other. Practicing self care is the place to set a firm foundation for being our best in all areas of our lives.

What does self care look like to you? How does your self care effect your ability to be your best in life for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, and your job? Do you typically practice self care on a daily basis or only when it’s necessary?

I encourage you to think about these questions. Think about your current self care practices. And join me in a conversation worth having. This is a Self Care Conversation.

Laura Li Lifestyle

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Are you ready for a change?


On the 24th day of 2019 and just days before my birthday I’m thinking about where I am on my path. After a few years filled with some major life changes and challenges I find myself in a place I didn’t plan on. A place I’m certain is exactly where I’m supposed to be filled with all sorts of opportunity for personal and professional growth and so many chances for travel and adventure. I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

I’m where I am because I was open to a very clear message I received in the Cleveland airport. The women in line in front of me was telling the agent behind the counter where she was traveling. When she said Reno I was shocked! She was going to Reno where my son had recently moved and I was simply going home to Denver. Over the next hour or so while I was waiting for my flight to board I was hit with some sadness along with complete clarity! I was going to work in the airline industry so I could visit my son often and have the opportunity to travel, adventure, and hike all over the world which I had a deep desire to do. The idea of working in the airline industry came as a big surprise to me; although, with the changes I had been experiencing in my life I was open and very ready for something new. The perfect timing of this very clear message couldn’t have been mistaken. Really! What were the chances of the women in front of me going to Reno?!

Over the next few months I talked to a few people, did some research, and filled out a few applications. The process was longer than I thought it would be. Nearly a year later I received the call I had been waiting for and very happily accepted a job with Southwest Airlines as a Customer Service Agent. A truly incredible company and family that I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of.

So far I’ve traveled to Dallas, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, and of course the Reno area multiple times. I can’t wait for future travels, adventures, and hikes all over the world!

Are you ready for a change? Open to the message? And then ready to take action?

I look forward to staying connected, Laura Li Lifestyle

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It’s Your Year!


As I flew into Denver the first day of the new year was ending. It was one of those long landings where the plane seemed to take its time gliding over the land below, the lights of the city were shining brightly, and inside the plane passengers were quiet. I enjoyed sleep most of the flight and the chance to reflect on my first day of the new year full of travel and adventure.

The day started with an early morning alarm, drive to the airport, and boarding a flight to Reno to spend the day with family. Shortly after arriving I was presented with the plan for the day which included indoor rock climbing. Even though I have a fear of heights I said I thought that was a good idea because I wanted to try new things and have new adventures. Facing my fear felt like the right way to start the year. And the feeling of accomplishment when I reached the top of the wall was worth it! 🙂

Next was a sushi lunch which included trying some new foods. Then to the airport to catch a flight back to Denver. At the airport I learned my flight to Denver was full and I’d have to travel through San Jose, California to reach Denver. I responded to the change in plans with a sense of adventure since I’ve never been to San Jose.

How did you start your new year? And what do you want to include in your new year?

I encourage you to start your year by being intentional about what you’d like to include in it. And ask yourself what you want your lifestyle to look like? Remember you can start any day you want. And restart any day too. It’s Your Year and chance to create your best lifestyle!

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle


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New Adventures


I recently started a new life adventure and career with Southwest Airlines. I’m currently training to be a Customer Service Agent and beyond excited for all the opportunities in front of me.

Starting a new adventure, experiencing any kind of change, or life transition can be exciting, fulfilling, overwhelming, demanding, and exhausting. It’s hard work learning new systems, tools, and job responsibilities you’ll be following on a daily basis. Along with meeting numerous new people.

What kind of change, life transition, or new adventure are you about to start? Or in the midst of?…

I’d like to encourage you to be kind to yourself in the process and practice some self care. What has worked best for me over the past few weeks is focusing on my new adventure without planning or committing to much else. I’ve also been eating well, exercising, and allowing time for relaxing and sleep. All giving me the energy and focus I need to be my best.

I look forward to sharing my journey of creating my best lifestyle through focusing on self care. And in the process encouraging, inspiring, and supporting you on your journey. Thank you for joining me here today.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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Yay Me!


In the midst of another big life change I made time for self care over the past week that has me feeling rested, organized, prepared, and very ready for all the wonderfulness that’s part of my next adventure. Yay me! 🙂

At the beginning of July I found out something I had been working towards for awhile was going to happen. A new career in a new industry leading to all new opportunities for sure! To say I’m very excited doesn’t seem to even cover the feelings I have about what’s next. I AM BEYOND EXCITED for the numerous chances I will have to make a positive impact in others lives through offering the best customer service possible!

Over the past almost 10 months I’ve had the chance to work with an amazing and supportive group of people. Learning many new skill sets and growing both personally and professionally. After almost 20 years of being self employed I’m very thankful for all of what being part of this work family and experience offered me.

The opportunity to have a week in between jobs came up and I knew that would be a good idea for me. I’ve spent the past week sleeping in and relaxing, getting outside in nature to walk, connecting with a few people, getting a haircut and massage, preparing for my new job, and writing my first blog in months. This is it! It’s amazing how my new adventure has brought some needed clarity to my life.

Are you in the midst a life change of any size? Would spending some time focused on self care be helpful for you? What would it look like? What could it feel like? I encourage you to pay attention to what you need and make it happen because in my experience you will be your best for everyone and everything when you are taking care of yourself.

I look forward to sharing my journey of creating my best lifestyle through focusing on self care. And in the process encouraging, inspiring, and supporting you on your journey. Thank you for joining me here today.

Until next time, Laura Li Lifestyle

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