Self Care Conversations


Self Care Conversations provide a space to connect, share, guide, encourage, and inspire on the many topics related to self care and self love. There is tremendous power in connecting for learning, growing, and healing. Creating space for deeper connection with others and ourselves. 🙂

Pictures from recent Self Care Conversations


  Feedback from recent Self Care Conversations

“So interesting and eye opening!!” – Stacie

“Such a wonderful group today working on health, wellness, and solutions.” – Ann

“I left wanting to be a better person and for that I thank you! Please keep doing what you are doing… you are an inspiration.” – Christy

“Thank you for creating the space for us to care for ourselves more.” – Mandy

“Today was a unique and phenomenal experience. Thank you for creating such an incredibly safe place for anyone to come, learn, share, and be supported.” – Dena

Opportunities to Join a Self Care Conversation

Saturday 9/9 from 12pm-3pm

Topic: Heart Centered Living

Co-Hosts: Jason Kendrick and Tracy Revell

Details and Registration: HERE

Tuesday 10/10 from 11am-2pm

Topic: Honoring Yourself

Co-Hosts: Dagmar Oktabcova and Dawn Todd

Details and Registration

Saturday 11/11 from 11am-2pm

Topic: Relationships

Co-Hosts: Dena Adams and Tracy Revell

Details and Registration

Tuesday 12/12 from 12pm-2pm

Topic: Mental Well Being

Co-Host: Chris Natzke

Details and Registration

What’s Next for Self Care Conversations

Options for staying connected and receiving support, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration on a weekly basis will be available fall of 2017. 🙂

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