Self Care Conversations


By saying yes to a Self Care Conversation you are saying yes to You! Knowing that when you focus on taking care of yourself you are not only your best for you, but also your family, friends, community, and planet. You are more rested, you have more energy and clarity, and you are naturally happier. Other benefits from saying yes to self care are less stress, anxiety, and drama.

The Self Care Conversation you have with yourself is the most important conversation you can have. Connecting with others to share and get support can lead to helpful and sometimes necessary encouragement and inspiration. There is tremendous power in first connecting with yourself and then with others. Creating space for deeper connections, learning, growing, and healing. Many times the next steps and essential shifts to reach desired results, goals, and dreams become clear by having a conversation.

Currently because I’m in the midst of a very big and exciting life change Self Care Conversations are taking place on my Blog, Facebook pages, and Instagram page.

Join a conversation worth having!

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