Well & Company


The Well & Company products, practices, and community have made a big difference for me on the path to creating my best lifestyle.

Resting better at night, more energy during the day with a more balanced mood, and clearer focus are the main benefits I’ve experienced. Reducing inflammation and the stress hormone cortisol have also been beneficial. All have lead to making the choice to be happy easier, then leading to more optimism, and providing me the opportunity to unleash my potential!

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What is Well & Company?… Food and plant based functional nutrition products with ingredients that include quercetin, turmeric, flax seed oil, antioxidants, and B vitamins.

Products and practices intentionally created and scientifically proven to support your mind and body on a daily basis. 

Products: Wake Well to jump start your day, Revive Well to re-energize your afternoon, Indulge Well a healthy chocolate snack, and Rest Well to restore at night.
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The Daily High Five Practices:

Optimism, Movement, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Gratitude


AND an amazing like minded positive community igniting a self care movement! Some of our community are pictured below including Founder Dr. James Rouse and I in the bottom left corner. 🙂



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